Hi my name is Chris Proff. I'm a sound engineer living and working in the ever-noisy city of Seattle, WA. I focus primarily on recording and mixing music in a variety of settings, although I have been known to dabble in mastering, when the mood strikes. In addition to field and studio recording, I also run live sound at several notable Seattle venues.

My professional home studio and mobile recording rigs enable me to work outside of the often times costly and sterile environment of a big studio. That being said, I still frequently use some really cool studios in town for the specific advantages that they offer.

Considering the fact that every project is unique, I typically charge by the client rather than by the hour (there's nothing worse than trying to nail a great vocal/guitar/drum take while simultaneously worrying about watching the clock!).

My rates are affordable and flexible! If you would like a quote for your recording project send me an email. The more details you can give me the better. Plus I can give you an 80% guarantee that you'll make a new friend in the process!