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Over the past 7 years I've been building up a collection of studio equipment and various artifacts.  In 2008 it all found a home in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood.  I've always lived in houses with basements; transforming them into a safe haven from zombies has kind of become a hobby of mine.  Little Room is a comfortable/quirky place riddled with various trinkets, chairs and a pretty awesome collection of VHS and NES games.  Think Abbey Road Studio x 100, minus 110, plus a barbeque, which technically equals crazy awesome...?

Most of the gear I use for mixing is digital, but I do a have some unique outboard effects and vintage gear that I have been known to use when the time is right.  Mostly I track vocals and various overdubs in the space.  Its like a big isolation booth, but instead of studio foam there's a futon, tapestries and a few hundred vinyl sucking up the reflections from the walls. 

If your looking to get some tracking done I use ProTools 9. My interface is a Digi003 in line with an 8ch Digimax, Focusrite ISA One, 2ch ART MPA Gold Tube, 4ch Electro Voice ELX and an Akai/Roberts vintage 2 ch tube pre.

Here's a list of mics I own:

Condensers:  2x Neumann TLM103(matched pair), 2x PPA LD2ube, 2x MXL V63M, Audio-Technica 4050, 2x AKG SE300B, 2x MXL 99, EV/Blue Red Robbin & some various consumer mics(M-Audio, Digital Reference, Sure, Nady, ect...)

Ribbon: Royer R122

Dynamic: 6x sm57, 7x sm58, Audix OM-7, Sennheiser e609, Sennheiser MD421, D112 & Sure drum mic pack.

Various: 2x CB radio mic(mod), WWII German EV Bullet radio mic,  70's Audio-Tex(think Tom Jones) & a couple dollar store mics that sound awful(ly cool).

As far as plugins go, I got a lot of them so.... enough said about that.

If you have any question about this or that or want to come check the place out send me an email and we can talk.

Contact: christopherproff@yahoo.com

Little Room Studio